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Why Goals Aren't SMART

It's a new year, a new decade and many of us are ready for the new life! I believe that most of us have something in common.... We desire to be better! I heard a guy say he has the same New Year resolution he had last year. If you are in that club, keep reading on.

On this week's episode of Get High On Motivation: Throw Your New Years Resolutions & Goals Out the Door, Focus On These Instead, I talked about why goals are some crap and can sometimes work against us. As a replacement, or supplement, I offered KPI's instead. Key Performance Indicators are the answer to my protege's problem. He, for the second year is working on his posture. And his good friend asked a very simple, yet valuable question, how are you going to track your progress?

If you have been rolling with me for a while you have heard me encourage to focus on action and activity. That is the function of KPI's. For example, if the goal is to eat healthier, we can track our eating for starters to see are ratio of food groups. Then take step of incorporating one piece of fruit extra a day, while reducing the amount of something unhealthy. Now when we go back to our chart at the end of each week we can visually compare whether or not we are eating healthier. In addition, our energy levels, emotions and reflection in the mirror, will also be a KPI.

KPI's are driven by goals and objectives, while being structured from measurements and metrics. I believe that is what makes them so effective. Goals are really measurable beside, did I hit the target or nah? To me that's like taking a one question test, you pass or you fail. Not the kind of casino odds I prefer. Creating a scorecard to track your progress, increases the odds in your favor tremendously. Who doesn't want to win? Not nobody reading this!

To get the steps to customize your scorecard of KPIs, listen to this week's episode of Get High On Motivation. It is streaming where you listen to podcasts, including Apple Podcast, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher, Player FM and more... Every Wednesday a new episode will be coming to you. Make sure you hit the subscribe button and leave me 5 stars.

Be happy. Be healthy. Be You!


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