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Where You At?

First of all, in case my Grammy is reading, you don't end a sentence with a proposition, like "at." Grammy would totally respond, "behind the preposition 'at'." But really, where are you in life right now? Where are yo in your career? Where are you in your relationships? Where are you in regards to your goals?? No where near where you want to be? It's okay...

The topic this month is success. What's keeping us from it. What are the requirements? I will answer these questions either here or on my podcast Get High On Motivation. If you live or visit the Colorado Springs, Tampa or Nashville areas, see when I will hosting a workshop.

After studying the mindset of the wealthy and the books they read, I found some overlapping principles and ideas. The mathematician in me couldn't help but to put them into an equation that led to the Create Success From Where You Are presentation. Many of us are focused on creating success from a future destination, situation, or maybe even certification. It is time we do what we can from where we are and head in the direction of our desires.

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