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What Happens in the House of Mimi the Motivator?

I cracked myself up with today's show. What started out as a voice warm-up, actually remained as the opening of the show. You will have to listen to The Goddess Incubator, Types of Love, & Changing Seasons w/Meya Mongkuo to find out what I am referring to...

Over the holiday weekend I was blessed with the presence and Power of my bloodline, my sister-cousin Meya Mongkuo. This goddess only has a slight clue of her greatness, and she very well tapped in, tuned in, turned on. As much as she downloaded from Me, there is SO much more that I have for her. You ever heard of information overload? That is what can happen to you in my company, if I am not pumping the breaks the entire time. The other part of Me, just wanted to be, be with her, be the Oneness that is Us.

It was a much needed visit for me as well. The Universe knew I was overdue for a recharge, since it's been a few months since I have flew to home-base. Therefore Source Energy brought me a super-charged battery pack, just what I needed to continue. God knows when you need rest and reprieve. Trust the process.

Coming to my home, you will encounter a process. The process begins before someone even enters my domain. I prepare the space by smudging, lighting candles and clearing any low vibrational energy that may be lingering. I mop the floors with Himalayan salt, followed by prayer and meditation to prepare my own Temple. I ask that God utilize me and allow me to surrender. As a messenger, mentally you must step out of the way, to keep the ego from getting involved. The most challenging move in this dance of life.

And then she arrived. The little girl I have been waiting 25 years to encounter on a Soul

level. I can never forget the first time I laid eyes on her...I knew that she knew me, but never understood how until some 20 years later. I would share more, but I am not sure you are ready for that kind of story...maybe next visit.

Evolution is inevitable, but when you make the conscious decision to evolve, the Powers-at-be will get to work, providing you a series of experience to reveal who you are. Meya and I are both conscious creators on a mission. The continuum that exist when two touch and agree is bigger than what our 10% brain usage can compute. You gotta be on that Lucy shit to grasp that concept, study quantum physics, or be real believer of the Word. lol With the two of us under the same roof, magical evolving was inevitable.

Normally when someone steps into the incubator, I pour into their mind, body and Spirit. The goal is for you to depart experiencing relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation. Incumbents leave feeling like their Higher and better version of themselves. (And yes, the incubator is canna-friendly...we're in Colorado duh!) We prepare fresh food with love, go on healing adventures out in nature, as well through historic cities of healing properties. There is a library to read from, and I may let you check a book out to take home. Yes, it must be returned, just not any time soon.

This experience is for someone who is ready to grow and change. For a soul who is tired of wandering and wondering. For the person who just needs a break from the noise and mainstream society. For the patient looking for alternative healing. For the hard-worker that needs a vacation from life as-is. I am here. I am that I AM.

Be happy. Be healthy. Be You!

-Mimi the Motivator


Meya Mongkuo is a current doctoral student in Clinical Health Psychology whose research focuses on holistic therapy and the effects of religiosity and spirituality on emotions and behaviors across different cultures.  Her mission is to help guide women and people of color to their Divinity by incorporating mindfulness and self-healing into their lives.  She is also avid “reader of the stars” and incorporates astrology into her daily life. @meeyow22

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