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This is Why I HATE Facebook!

I feel like I have been less positive feeling and acting since I have been back involved on Facebook. I log on for a business something and then I casually scroll on to read a complaint about something, that is usually quite valid. Pow! Now I am thinking about it or something similar. I find it curious that the question we answer is "What's on your mind?"

It's just like in conversation where someone shares a poor experience, then you share one to match....and the conversation continues as such. We are perpetuating that which we do not desire to experience! There is power of life and death in the tongue. There is power of positivity and negativity in the tongue.

The real problem is that it's easy to be negative. There is no shortage of things to be negative about. There is a surplus of negative information hounding you wherever you go physically and digitally. It definitely takes some cognitive work to remain positive in a world that exploits and profits off of pain and trauma. When you take the time to tame your thoughts and words, it is well worth it. Just don't do what I did...I took a backslide into the grasp of negative programming.

I found myself chiming on subjects that wouldn't have ordinarily came up on my radar. I am posting unwarranted commentary on other people's shit. Lawwwwwwd help me! What is happening to me? Am I becoming a facebooker again?! Why can't I just live on Instagram, where my vibe attracts my tribe?! I almost wish there was some FB-IG hybrid....or is that what LinkdIn is about? Nah, I am only connected with stuffy professionals on there. I just want to be able to connect with like-minded people, know what events are taking place, and share what I have to offer Lovebugs internationally. Does that exist?

If you know where I may be able to find such, holla at your lady!

Be happy. Be healthy. Be You!

Mimi the Motivator

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