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Tell Yourself to Take a Hike!

This weekend I took a hike. Ironically as I was preparing, I thought about the saying take a hike. I decided to look up the meaning of take hike, because I have heard it most commonly used as a way of saying go away, #gtfoh. I don't know if you have ever gone hiking, but it can be a transformational and or healing experience. It can clear your mind and soothe your spirit. I took a hike for that very reason.

Sometimes you need to remove yourself from the source of stress and strain. I am good at telling someone to get out of my face. What I realize is that maybe I need to get out of there's. When a situation is getting to heated, take a hike. You don't have to literally pack your backpack and water supply, heading out into the Sun. (Although I highly recommend such.) I do suggest that you choose differently. We cannot change people, nor circumstances, however we can change how we perceive and respond to them.

Positive thinking does not magically make everything work how you would like, but it makes life much easier and more enjoyable. Perspective is labeling a situation a problem or attacking it as an opportunity. Successful people view obstacles as opportunity. Interested in learning more tips for being successful? Listen to this week's episode of Get High On Motivation: What You Need to Succeed in This New Season.

I am recording live from one of Mother Nature's studios, Garden of the Gods. Being amongst the trees and birds and bees...what better ambiance and audience. I recently accepted the role of Chapter Leader for the Black Girls Hike Global chapter in Colorado Springs. I now have to be active once of month. It is called enhancing my healthy lifestyle and level of accountability. Success is mine in 2019. I AM the bag!

One percent better Lovebugs....that is all. I believe that we will win. I believe that it is already done. I believe that which we desire has already been prepared for us and now we are bein prepared for it. Take a hike. Be patient and stay focused. DOn't say "Why me?" say "Try Me!"

Be happy. Be healthy. Be You!

-Mimi the Motivator

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