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Success Or Money, What Comes First?

When you desire success and money, you make steps towards it. People often think money is needed in order to be successful, however, you don’t have to have money to attain success.

Think about it, how do you define success? What does success look like to you? What does it sound like? Who would be involved? How would you invest your time and money? Paint a clear picture of what success looks like to you and once you have that, pay more attention to the “act like” factor. What does a successful person act like? The difference between you and successful people you look up to is where you invest your time and resources. Do you have a goal? Successful people set goals for themselves and work towards achieving them. It’s not too late to set a goal for today that would make you feel successful. Do that thing that you have been avoiding, send that email, make those connections, over come your worries. Silence that self-doubt voice. It all starts with that one intentional step.

Lets spell it out, what does it take to attain S-U-C-C-E-S-S?

S- Success starts with your Self image, how do you see yourself? Do you need to build your confidence? To get that confidence boost, make big bold moves. Take risks, get out of you comfort zone. IT'S TIME TO ELEVATE!

U- The next thing that is required is to Understand. Understand what it really takes for you to do what you came to do. Understand how is it going to affect you, your finances and your relationships. There is going to have to be a shift for you to attain the higher version of you. You would need to change your environment, let go of some friendships, change your mindset.

C- Success requires Clarity. How clear is your vision? Are you still being vague? When you get clear on your purpose and your mission, the right people will show up. The right resources will become available to you, but for that to happen, you need to get clear on what success looks like.

C- Success does not happen without Consistency. Do things consistently so people become confident in you and what you offer. Show up all the way for yourself. Show up all the way for those around you. Be consistent in what ever it is you put your time and effort into until it becomes entrained in your habit system.

E- We need Energy and Enthusiasm for success. Nobody wants the company of a miserable person. If you are often tired and don't have energy, switch up your routine. Exercise, eat right, get what your body needs. Eat 80-20, 80% for nutrition and 20% for enjoyment. Also, be enthusiastic about your business. People want to join in on something that is enjoyable. Enthusiasm is what gets you through adversity. We need adversity to strengthen us to go to the next level of success. Enthusiasm makes it more bearable to get through. Quit complaining!

S- You have to have Self discipline. Eat right, journal, meditate. Do some self care. Self care is not only about the physical things like getting a pedicure or treating yourself to a spa day, but also it involves doing things you say you would do and showing up for your self. Set your goals and meet them!

S- To be successful, you have to Start! Take some action. Faith without works is dead!

So what comes first? Money or success?

Success comes first and then the money will follow.


Food For Thought: Bought to you by Mimi's teabag.

"Trust is the question, love is the solution."


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