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Stop Being Loyal to What Doesn’t Work.

One thing I've learned about letting go is that it gets harder the longer we wait. It is easy to hold on to things and relationships, long after they have stopped serving their purpose because of the comfort and familiarity we have developed along the way. However, it is necessary to learn to let go of somethings in order for other opportunities to become available to us. Spend some time reflecting on what your attachments in life are; mental, physical and even financial attachments. What are those things that you’ve been loyal to that you need to let go of?

Start recognizing patterns and distinguish them from mistakes. Is there someone in your life who keeps hurting you over and over again but keeps saying “It was a mistake.”? Are they always "sorry" for the same thing but have no intentions of changing? Are you continuing to have the same uncomfortable situations happen over and over again and yet the person still continuously does the same thing. Its is time to let go of that relationship, either in your personal or professional life.

In addition, take note of those who attach themselves to you. They take note of loyalty, your level of servitude and they will let you serve them. Sometimes it can come in the form of a spouse, children or boss, a job? If it is no longer serving you, it is time to start considering other options for your own wellness and peace of mind. Remember serving is different from being a slave. Stop ignoring what you need to do because you feel like you signed up for it. If it is causing you pain and anxiety, it is time to pull out the pruning sheers and cut off those dead ends.


Food For Thought: “To be overwhelmed and ask, “What have I gotten myself into?” is always a reminder that I’m demanding more from myself."


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