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Sometimes Things Go Wrong For The Right Reasons

Today Lovebugs, is one of those days where anything that could have went flop, did. Anything that could have stopped me from getting my podcast publish happened. It is simple a day of contrast. I found myself smiling through it because I know this day has come to serve my highest and greatest good. The challenges that I am climbing over nd through will not be an obstacle in the future. Today was an opportunity to get some shit in line. Today is a self check, Universe having a come-to-Jesus meeting with me.

Mannnnnnnn, the message is LOUD and clear! I surrender. I surrender to self-discipline. I surrender to being ahead and early. I surrender to being prepared. I surrender to being who I have designed and desire to be. Today I surrender to success! Many of you miss the value in failure.

Failure is simply gearing and polishing you up for success. All of our yesterdays are needed for today. Tell your friends I said that! lol Speaking of yesterdays, this week's episode of Get High On Motivation is a replay of a show that will help you heal and walk forth towards your destiny. You see we all have battle wounds and scars we do not care for anyone to see. Unfortunately, we are healed when we release. Part of that release is telling your story. You are not alone and someone else out there like you, needs you and and your story. Share it. Be vulnerable enough to heal. The next level requires us to release some old patterns of thought, habits and experiences. Listen and leave your comments below of how you have been able to heal, as well as what helped you the most or least. I love you Lovebugs!

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