Signs You Are Going Through an Awakening & Ascension Symptoms.

An awakening or ascension is a leveling up, growing, expansion that doesn't always feel good. It is going through spiritual growing pains! Below are signs and symptoms that you are going through an ascension.

  1. You will be sensitive: You will be so sensitive to people's energy and feel it without even looking at them. You will be so sensitive to sounds, smells and lights.

  2. You go through a sickness: You will have flu-like symptoms, pain especially in the legs and neck area. This is because your body is trying to create space for more. It is because your Spirit is growing.

  3. You have memories that come back: You start seeing vivid memories from the past. Things that you never though you could remember on your own, even if you tried.

  4. You find yourself having a desire to be more authentic: You find yourself acting differently, thinking differently and responding to things differently. You also find that people get on your nerves because you have started vibrating on a higher level and you are unable to relate with them.

  5. Lastly, You wake up between the hours of 2am and 4am and not know why.

Things you can do when you are experiencing these Awakening symptoms

  1. Take some salt baths

  2. Burn your sage

  3. Burn incense and candles

  4. Meditate

  5. Rest!


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