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My New Confidence Hack (Thanks to Jordan Harbinger)

I listen to YouTube video all day! I pick up nuggets here and there, sometimes I know who said what...and sometimes I do not. However today Lovebugs, I do know where I am borrowing this hack. Jordan Harbinger, a veteran podcaster, is the guy I attribute today's mind hack, the doorway drill. I mentioned the doorway drill on today's episode of Get High On Motivation. I slightly modified the formula for me and my listeners, but the idea is the same. My charge to myself was to post this drill for future reference. If you are someone who reads the blogs, but have not subscribed to the show.... I will just say click here NOW!

The Doorway Drill

Step 1: Grab some post-it notes. (I suggest brightly colored ones.)

Step 2: Put them at eye level on the door frames around your house, and your office if you can get away with it.

Step 3: EVERY time you walk through the doorway

  • stand tall

  • chin up

  • smile

  • take a deep breath

  • say a confidence building mantra to yourself

  • walk in like a boss, with open body language!

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