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Living That Law of Attraction Life

Curious about the law of attraction and how to use it? Tune in today to hear me and Da Chick Wid Da Plan, host of Da Mealticket, talk about how we personally manifest what we desire. The Get High On Motivation show this week begins with wise words from Ms Genevieve Behrend, the onliest student of Thomas Troward, the Master of Mental Science. She devoted her life to spreading the message of the power dwelling within us to create whatever life or career we desire. In searching for this meme, I discovered another nugget, Do not fear to be your true self, for everything you want, wants you.

A perfect segway into Da Chick With Da Plan saying to just be yourself. It is what has instrumental in her financial success. We both wear a heavy accent or dialect. I admire her for being so comfortable with hers... I still have a little more work to do personally, but it's okay. I'm doing just fine. (#affirmation)

The show ends with a listener who writes in about dealing with the one year memorial of her fathers passing? I suggested she create a personal celebration or ritual that represents their bond. If any of you have dealt with such, go sign in on the member page and let me know what you do. Or you may comment below. Another great exercise is to pen a letter to the deceased. Tell that person everything you have been carrying around. What are some words you wish you had the chance to say? Write them down.

Speaking of writing something down... here are 10 easy steps to using the Law of Attraction:

  1. Decide what you desire.

  2. Believe it is possible.

  3. Write it down.

  4. Affirm it in the present. (I AM...)

  5. Stay positive as much as possible.

  6. Take Action, small or big.

  7. Mediate (it won't kill you, it will heal you.)

  8. Visualize it; create a mini movie of what you desire.

  9. Feel good before it happens.

  10. Have an attitude of Gratitude.

Any questions??? Connect with me on the member page.

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