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Learning Life Lessons w/Iyen Frierson

In March I had the esteemed pleasure and privilege of running into an old familiar soul. What began as girl's night turned into so much more. Next thing I know I am on stage at Nashville's 1102 Lounge, having a spoken word showdown with me and hostess, Cashville Stand Up, Iyen Frierson who also has a Facebook Live show entitled Life Lessons.

It was interesting to hear her story of... me. We walked down memory lane and landed it "confusion brings clarity every time," I told her and the it was lights, camera, action! We went live with the conversation. Thank God for technology. I was able to record the audio to share with you. This week on Get High On Motivation you get the first half of the conversation. The conversation was healing, uplifting and fun. So much that I may give you all the rest in a part two.

Well Love bugs, I have to get going. I am presenting live at the Minority Mastermind of Tampa Bay, where I will sharing "How to Use the Law of Attraction for Business." The mission is real and in forward motion, getting clearer to me everyday. See sometimes we don't exactly where a road may be taking us, but have an inner tugging that is relentlessly pushing you towards the unknown. What lies ahead of me these next few months is a mystery. Be sure to stay tuned as the story reveals itself.

I love you Lovebugs!

Be happy. Be healthy. Be You!

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