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Is There Such a Thing as Black Privilege?

Regina Guy-English and I had a intense discussion on Get High On Motivation, beginning with her sharing her experience of “white privilege” being promoted on the main stage, which led me to ask “if there such thing as black privilege, what would it be?” Regina’s first response was to negate the possibility. Then I shared what I thought the privilege of being a person of color is. (You’ll have to listen to hear what I think.)

What stuck out to me was Miss Regina’s compassion surrounding not using the word privilege in speech. It made me further ponder the direct and implied meaning of the word. So, I tapped on the dictionary app on my phone and proceeded to misspell the word, obviously I must not use it as much as I thought. lol

privilege [L. privilegium an ordinance or law against or in favor of an individual] A peculiar benefit, advantage or favor; a right or immunity not enjoyed by others or by all; special enjoyment of a good, or exemption from an evil or burden; a prerogative; advantage, franchise.

Privilege now sounds like a two headed beast! It gives you a license to receive good and pretty much get out jail free card, is what it sounds like to me. I know white privilege is a thing. Dating a guy who is half Mexican, half White, looking like the fairer of the two, was instructed at an early age to "check the White box on applications" to allow him greater opportunity. Which of course eliminates the prejudice or limitations experienced by his younger brother who favors the red skinned mother. Unfortunately, it didn't help in his career or finaces, just when he got pulled over by the cops. Even being fair complected myself, I have found more ease in life than my chocolate covered mother and brother. It really wasn't until I moved to Colorado did my "house-nigga" card get revoked. It's funny typing it, but the reality is much more somber.

I am not really sure what privileges exist for other races besides what I have witnessed. It is probably safe to say being any race has it's privileges, but living in a white male dominated society gives more exposure to this dogma. I believe also there is a time where being the white polka-dot in the room may have its set of challenges. I don't discredit anyone's experience. We all have our own unique set of challenges to overcome to be our best self. We all have the spaces where we know we get well as the space where we may have to fight for our existence.

What privilege has your outer packaging afford you? What is the privilege of being you? I am interested in learning what other "privileges" exist.... Comment below.

Be happy. Be healthy. Be You!

-Mimi the Motivator

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