How To Let Go Of The Past & Create a New Future

How many of us are holding on to the past, replaying it in our minds, and telling everybody too? I once wrote a blog about the past being the worst filter to look at life through. It make us act funny towards people for what appears to be no reason at all, but really what is happening is, you are seeing the past when you look at a situation or someone in your life. On this week’s edition of the Get High On Motivation, we talked about accepting the past and letting go. Here are a few tips on how to make that happen in reality.

  1. Choose to release the past. Shit doesn’t go away on its on. Say to yourself “that hurt, but I’m okay.” That way you are accepting the emotion and releasing the pain.

  2. Stop portraying the victim, telling a victim story. Yes, I know it sucks and it hurts. However we may not be able to change what happened, we can change how we tell the story. There's value in there somewhere for you and others going through similar situations.

  3. If you express the hurt, claim the responsibility too. Recognize your involvement in the experience, what could you have done differently or not done at all. Be aware of where you are contributing to the pain and suffering.

  4. Focus more on being present and what you are experiencing in the present moment. When walking, notice the ground beneath you. Notice the beads of water and different sized bubbles when washing dishes or your car.

  5. Decide it is time to start forgiving. Forgive your victimizer, yourself and your God. I didn't say forget, because that is impossible. This doesn't mean you approve of the person behavior, but you are deciding to no longer allow it to dictate your behavior.

  6. Create a new past. As mentioned before we cannot change the past that exist, but we can design the future past the way you want it to go. You can begin writing a new history, right now, in the present. The stories you tell 6 months, 6 years or 6 decades from now are up to you now that you recognize your responsibility regarding the past.

Listen to this week's show, Accept the Past, You Can't Change It Anyways to hear more about accepting the past, as well as what should be our motivation and the importance of establishing boundaries in a relationship. Thank you for stopping by Lovebug. Remember we are working consistently at being #onepercentbetter in at least one area of our lives daily. The future is up to us to create, in the now.

Speaking of the future being now, I have the esteemed pleasure of being the keynote speaker at my own graduation this weekend where the theme is The Future is Now. If you or someone you know is in the Colorado Springs Saturday, November 9, 2019, get Mimi's Formula for Success. This will also be an opportunity for the city of Colorado Springs to hear what plans I have to cultivate their communities, reduce crime and redistribute tax dollars.

See you there Lovebugs! Until then, be happy, be healthy, be You!

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