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How To Grow Your Money.

The process of how you grow your money and how you grow your plants is pretty much the same. If you treated your money like it was a garden, you will approach it differently. Approach your money like a farmer would.

Recognize times and seasons. There is a time to till the soil. This is the time we do our research. We do our home work on what we want to do with our money and we are diligent with investments.

The next thing is to plant seeds. Have multiple crops. Different seeds have different harvest times. We plant different seeds because we need more than just one thing to eat. This is the same with our finances. We need multiple streams of income so we don't depend on one stream. When one seed is growing, another is ready for harvest. Be careful not to put all your eggs into one basket.

We have to water our plants. This is like a savings account or a stock portfolio. You keep coming back to it and adding to it so it keeps growing. How are you watering the money that you have. Remember not all plants need the same amount of sunlight. We have to protect our money. To protect our money, we have to figure out which one of our assets needs more or less of our attention. We have to maintain what we have. The sun helps plants grow, but it can also burn. Make sure you have insurance on your assets and protect them.


You have to speak and think positively about them. Everything we are accumulating and attracting is all based on our thoughts. Instead of speaking death over your life and finances, speak life! Appreciate the things that have gone right. Don’t give up! Think of how the Chinese bamboo plant grows compared to other plants. Have faith that it will all pay off in due time

Another way to grow your money is using other people’s money. You might need to partner with someone who can help you grow your money. Sometimes one farmer owns a land and another brings the seed. Network and create partnerships to grow what it is you already have.

Like a farmer, make a plan. Know what you are going to plant, when you are going to plant it, where you are going to plant it and when you are going to harvest.


Food For Thought: Brought to you by Mimi's teabag.

“Use your energy to build, not to destroy.”


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