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How to Get People to Support You and Your Dreams.

  1. It's nobody's job to support you. No one is responsible for supporting you but yourself. No friend, family members or employees is responsible for supporting you, no matter how closely related to your goal they may be. If you find yourself in a circle of people who do not support you, it might be time to change your circle. You have to change your circle as you are leveling up. Know that the right people will come, as long as you are building up yourself, believing in yourself and supporting yourself.

  2. Success sometimes creates resistance in people. When you level up, it can make people uncomfortable with the new moves you are making. Sometimes they get jealous because they aspire to be at the level you are on, but hate that you got there before them. You have to remember to have compassion for those who have not gotten on your level yet. Have some compassion because you used to be on their level. Once you level up, don't forget what it took for you to get to your new level. Use this realization to give a pass to those who are still struggling with the things you used to struggle with.

  3. Make it easy for people to support you. Meet people half way to make it easy for support. Send out links to your business if you have to. Create multiple pathways that cater to each persons strength. If it is financial support you need, create a financial platform people can access through diverse financial means. If it is social support you need, don't lock yourself up in your house. Take those steps that make it easier for people to sow into your dream according to their means. Don't expect people to work hard to support you.

  4. Let them support you how they can. Let people know what the goal is so that way they can provide what they can. You have to be aware of how people are supporting you and not limit how they can support. Find a way to make yourself accessible. Sometimes, this means putting your needs out there. Also, have it in mind that just because people don't have the means to support you doesn't mean they don't have the desire to support you.

  5. STOP. Stop expecting people to support you. That's it!

  6. Support others. The best way to get people to support you is by supporting them. What ever you put out in the Universe comes back to you. If you sow support, you reap support. Support who you can support, how you can support. Whether it is by giving them your time, your money, your talents or by just being there for them. Show support within your means and don't expect anything in return.


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