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How To Become A No Limit Manifestor.

On this week's show, Mimi the motivator and master manifestor Lenaise Meyeil give insight on how to become a No limit manifestor. Below are some tips from the show on how to become a no limit manifestor.

  • Be consistent

  • Reach out to those who believe in your dreams and aspirations when you are feeling down

  • Clear the blockage

  • Be open to receive what you’re manifesting

  • Feed your sprit: read books listen to audiobooks that feed your energy

  • Get around people who bring out the magic in you and feed into you

  • Be a good person

  • Keep your mind right

Tune in to the show by clicking on the video below to listen to the master manifestor Lenise's story on how she became a no limit manifestor.


This week's show with Mimi The Motivator and Master Manifestor Lenaise Meyeil.

Lenaise Meyeil currently resides in Houston, Texas with her three children and husband of 13 years. The self-proclaimed master manifestor and lifelong student of the Universe is as ambitious as they come. Lenaise is a published author, fashion designer and also holds a Master's in psychology.

Check out her clothing brand Rowdy Rose.


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