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How To Be Completely Unfuckwithable.

Below are 6 ways you can become completely UNFUCKWITHABLE.

  1. I am enough: Tell yourself you are enough. Surround yourself with reminders that you are enough. Write it on post it notes, write it on your mirror with a lip stick, say it out loud to yourself. Remind yourself that you are enough at every moment of your day.

  2. Forgiveness: It is difficult but it is life changing. When you forgive, it is not for them, it is for you. Forgive as many people as you can come up with and free yourself from all the weight unforgiveness holds you down with.

  3. Don’t take things personal: Everybody is going through stuff. Give people the grace and benefit of the doubt. We also have days where we need grace.

  4. Meditate and be mindful: When you start your day with meditation, you start from a calm and centered place. You have peace beyond understanding because you have started from an elevated level of grace. Stay present. Stay in the here and now. The reason you feel anxiety is because you are not in the here and now. Pay attention to everything that is right in your face.

  5. Know thy self and to thyself be true: When you know yourself, nothing anyone says against you can bother you. If you let other people define who you are, you are at their mercy. No one should define you but you. Walk in your own authenticity.

  6. Love yourself: You have to wake up every morning and say I LOVE YOU. You can’t just tell yourself that you love you, you also have to show yourself that you love you. When you love yourself, it shows in how people treat you.





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