How To 10x Your Confidence & Income Earning Potential.

Confidence takes intentionality, consistency and time to build. You must be confident in yourself and your skills to be a boss. When you are confident in YOU and what you do, no one will doubt your skills and craft. Sometimes, we find ourselves second guessing who we are and what we are capable of. We need a little confidence booster. Outlined below are 7 steps you can take to 10x your confidence and income earning potential:

  1. Turn off your inner critic and turn on your inner hero: Silence that voice that tells you that you are not good enough and turn on that voice that encourages, uplifts and improves you. Envision your favorite superhero. Put yourself in their shoes and feel the confidence boost.

  2. Practice, Practice, Practice: An unprepared person has the right to be nervous. You will not feel confident if you haven’t been practicing your craft. You are never too good to grow. You can always raise the bar no matter how good you are. Practice does not make perfect, it makes confident.

  3. Look and smell the part: Hold your head up high, walk with confidence, smell good. These steps and changes to your appearance will build up your confidence. Walk the walk, talk the talk and smell good.

  4. Set small attainable goals: Setting smaller goals sets you up for more celebration. This is because they are easier to attain and they help you build up to a bigger goal you want to accomplish. If you set bigger unrealistic goals, they will appear harder to reach and deplete your confidence. Take smaller steps and celebrate more often.

  5. Do something scary everyday: Do something you have been avoiding. Take a cold shower. Call that person. Send that email. Just do something small that can challenge you.

  6. Lay down in public for 10 seconds: Sidewalks, airport, grocery store, anywhere public. The 10 seconds will go by fast. It will show you no one is paying attention to you. You are the one judging yourself. Do this at least two times. It will be easier the second time and you will notice a change in your confidence.

  7. The Rejection Report: Get 3 No’s in one day. Ask people for things you are expecting a no from. It will surprise you how hard it is to get a no.


Food For Thought: Brought to you by Haziq Ali.

"Perfection is the curse of the poor."


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