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Happy New Decade!

I feel like the new year came before I was ready, even though I have been getting ready for the past few weeks. (At least in my head.) What is really so significant about a new year anyways? The real new year is your own personal new year, your birthday. That is when I really focus and take inventory of what is and not serving me.

Taking inventory of your life takes some real honesty. You literally need a checklist! We have to take inventory of our habits, possessions and the people in our lives. What routines or programmed daily activities could we do without and what needs to be incorporated into our schedule? Let me ask you Lovebug, do you use a planner or digital calendar to map out your time? Mapping out your time is actually mapping out your energy. Look around your home for excess stuff, get rid of it. Let go of attachments to things. Let go of your attachment to your home.

Home at this point in my life is wherever I lay my hat. Home is not a building, that's a house or an apartment. Being a homemaker for several years, I now see home was/is where and what I make it. I am the temple. I am the safe space. "The kingdom is within." My life is what I manifest within playing out in the physical.

In the few years that I have been in Colorado, I have lost some of my manifesting power....and then I came to myself. Taking inventory of the people and possessions, I knew change was in order. This time my backsliding will be into that high vibrational field I used run circles around. Or as I like to say riding a magic carpet around. Would you be interested in riding high with me? If I told you I was willing to reveal the secret that has kept me from working for money the last 13 years, would you be interested? If I told you I was able to sleep most of the day, party almost every night and buy a Mercedes-Benz for cash, would you want to know how???

If you answered a strong yes to those questions, then you need to join the Paradigm Shift. What is the paradigm shift? An opportunity to learn what the one percenters teach their children. It is a challenge to practice the habits of the highly successful. It is a commitment to your mental, physical, Spiritual and financial well-being. A membership program that will connect you with other like-minded individuals. You will receive a book a month to read, as the top read a book a month.

Subscribe to the mailing list to get more information or send me a message. I am waiting to hear from you Lovebug! In the meantime and in between time, remember to be 1% better everyday; be happy, be healthy, be You!

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