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Get High On Motivation Live Tour Begins

Imagine if some of the best presenters in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas were on one stage. Imagine if each speaker had a different element you need to attain the next level of success. Imagine if this event were free.

Colorado Springs implant Jamia Wells-Palmer, better known as Mimi the Motivator, felt there were a few things missing from her experience in Olympic City USA. Spending the majority of her life living between the cities of Nashville, TN and Tampa, FL, she was used to big city events and tours. One thing she loves more than live music, and that is to see an array of speakers on one stage all for the purpose of motivating the masses to success. The flip-side is these opportunities come with a pretty price tag or with an affiliation to a multilevel marketing/ direct selling organization, until now. On Friday February 7, 2020 at 1pm, doors open at the Venue at Library 21c for Get High On Motivation LIVE 2020 Vision.

For one day only Get High On Motivation will be live in Colorado Springs. Come have your life changed by a lineup of dynamic speakers who will propel you on your way to success as a business professionals, entrepreneurs and speakers. You’ve been listening to videos, audiobooks, and podcasts…now come experience the power of transformation that can take place when positive people, positive ideas and positive energy connect in one space. This will be event like nothing else you have experienced before in the Colorado Springs area!

The featured speakers joining Mimi the Motivator on stage are Dr Lauren Penn CST, Diego Lujan, Vivian Cobb, James Flowers, Quinton Blanche and hostess, Chineta Lynn "Your Friend." Reserve your seat by clicking here or going to Eventbrite. First 100 tickets are free!

Get High On Motivation is a weekly podcast dedicated to empowering audiences around the world to create the life and business they desire. Find it on Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Stitcher and more, including at

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