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Full Moon Practices for Beginners

Updated: May 13, 2020

Happy Full Moon Lovebugs!

Today, I figured I would share a few practices to help you tap into the power of the Moon. You don't have to be into magic, astrology or any of that to harness the obvious power of the moon. What do I mean by "obvious power?" I am talking about how we know the moon controls tides. It controls how much water and nutrients plants take in. Farmers for eons have planted crops according to the moon.

Speaking of...according to the Farmer's Almanac, today's moon is the Full Flower, amongst other names in other cultures. It is the last of three super moons. Want to know more? Tune in to the Sacred Collective's Live Full Moon Call where you will receive an astrology update from Goddess Meya Mongkuo, a guided meditation from Tosha Thomas Kessell and message from me.

On the full moon, there are few things I do.

  1. I eat live foods that day.

  2. I prepare to take a Goddess Bath. Yes, guys can take one's called a Bath of a God.

  3. Of course, you know I offer the live call.

  4. And reflect on what I need to release or adjust to manifest the intentions I set during the New Moon. (I usually do this while I take the bath.)

Now, I need to do a moon phases for beginners, right?

If you are interested in learning more about the spiritual side of things, I suggest you join me for the Divine Awakening: Self Guided Retreat.

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