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For My Motherless Children... You Are Not Alone

On March 7, 2019 I celebrated the 11 year memorial of my mother's passing. I was in Orlando, waking up at my friend Blu's house, not knowing how the day would play out, especially because I was in town for Podfest 2019, meaning peopling was required. As I sat there reflecting, I thought people don't know what it feels like to be without your mother. No matter what your relationship is with your mother, please believe you will feel some type of way when she checks out of this lifetime.

"We have made it through 100% of our days, and we will make it through this one," is what little me was saying in my head. Even The Motivator needs motivating. With a few deep breaths, I rolled off the couch and was on my way to starting the day.

Social anxiety is a beast, especially when I am not emotionally or spiritually up to par. I am sure you know where this is going. I was blessed the first day of the conference to have my social butterfly/ security pet, Miss Marilyn J. (Please don't tell her I called her a pet. She'll have my head. No, she doesn't read these posts. Thank God!) But this day I was flying without my wing-lady. Luckily, she had introduced and talked me up to enough people, I was able to stroll through as a familiar face, speaking back to familiar faces. And then I saw her.

Something was calling me to this young lady. My Spirit prompted me to go talk to her; it was an energy that felt well-acquainted. I approached and introduced myself as if I was the HBIC, lol. We began walking and talking, unveiling that she had just lost her mother and was doing her best to be present. Who could relate better than me?! This was divine! And then the plot thickens...

We record an interview, Living the Law of Attraction Lifestyle. Afterwards, she tells me about a young man who lost his mother, that was at Podfest. His message in his show, Connecting With Others During Death, really hit home for her. "That's him right there! Come on, you have to meet him." It was like he magically appeared, a genie out the bottle.... The wish granted, that he sit down for an interview. There was no way I was passing up this moment of healing for us all. Listen to today's episode of Get High On Motivation, Dear Mama, We Miss You w/ Thaddeus Sims and Da Chic Wid Da Plan.

Whether you have lost a parent or not, this show has something to offer. We discuss synchronicity and the power of the Law of Attraction. Thank you for sharing your time with me, connect with these bright souls. I love you. Now go be happy. Be healthy. Be You!

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