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Everybody Will Not Accept You, No Worries They Don’t Accept Themselves Either

I think I was avoiding typing and publishing this post because of the emotional ughhhh that came with it. I have also avoided hitting the send button on a much needed email that addressed my thoughts and responsibility, as well. Last week I had an experience that literally piggy-backed my last show! I spoke at a meeting where I received the same feedback I always do from pompous "conservatives." Now, that does not mean I have never encountered such feedback from my own community, I just can’t recall it ever happening.

How you open a talk can almost determine whether you have the your audience's ear. The approach was where the problem began, “You want to be a professional speaker, right?” I am sure you all know by now, I do not deal easily with passive-aggression. It actually spawns my aggression. Don’t play with me, you’ll get your feelings hurt. I am smart and a can be a blessing or a curse. Nor do I respond to lack-talk. "Lack-talk" includes words such as want or need, words that identify that which you desire and don't exist. EVERYTHING I desire exist already for me. It is just a matter of becoming vibrationally aligned with it that thing. And there is no person walking this earth that can determine that for me! She tried tho...

Because we were in a professional environment, allowed my professionalism take the wheel, however, my “angry-black-woman”, as we are so often referred when making a firm conviction, was riding in the backseat ready-for-whatever! #idgaf Because I am in a leadership position within this particular organization, I allowed this woman to speak to me in way that had we been anywhere else, I would have confidently and comfortably read her, her rights. In the king's English, I would have thoroughly, aggressive corrected the err in her words. She was safe until I reached home.

Please believe this pungent sage will hear from me. Not because she was offensive, but because as a leader I will NOT allow such behavior to continue. "An injustice anywhere, is an injustice everywhere." I refuse for another member of our organization to weather that type of treatment. No matter of their race, socio-economic status, or ability/inability to articulate their message, they should feel comfortable delivering their message and receiving an evaluation that is motivation to grow and be better.

Lovebugs, have faith in yourself and have faith that adversity will come your way as well. If it doesn't, then you must not be making a big of enough difference. When you start really creating a wave of change in your life, your community, your organization, it will go noticed, but usually by a hater. The haters always recognized Jesus and who He was, as well as the change He represented. Do not steer away from your vision when you encounter the heat of opposition. Recognize the experience as confirmation and use it as fuel to push you forth to the highest mark. This new year, new decade is calling you to step forward in purpose. This new season has great manifestations in store.

Be happy. Be healthy. Be You!

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