Do You Know Where Your Life Is Going?

Of course I couldn’t resist asking Siri to “take me somewhere “ after mentioning it on Stop Wastin' Time & Create a Plan

I asked Siri in several ways and she came up with nothing. (I really expected her to say something sideways, but she didn’t.) What if the Universe operated like Siri? What if God didn’t bust a move until you communicated where you wanted to go? Consider if Source Energy was waiting on you and I to design the plan, to be carried out. That is in alignment with my belief that my responsibility is to know the “what” not the how. How things are going to work out and together is non of my business.

Just like however the chef at the restaurant prepares the food is not of my concern; my expectation is that I place order or make a request, say thank you and wait for it to be served to me. I operate in life the same way, adversely I had not considered telling God a destination.

Where and what does your desired destination, rather destiny, look like? Get clear on where you desire to be, place your order, and give thanks the Big Siri in the sky will guide you to it.

Listen to show to hear more about how to go from conception to manifestation. And in the meantime and in between happy, be healthy, be You!

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