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Do You Have Covert Contracts Pending?

I had a conversation about 3 Things You Should Stop Expecting From People in recent episode of Get High On Motivation. The first one one the list can be considered the most important one. ironically, it is the one that many of us know the least about. I first learned this concept from a guest on my show. She was educating us about what can be causing issues in romantic relationships. What came out is that many of us are holding the people in our lives accountable for fulfilling an expectation, and the poor person doesn't know. A covert contract is an unwritten and/or unspoken agreement you have someone. What do I mean?

For example, there is this thing that you expect your partner to do, and if they do not fulfill the expectation, you get upset.... but, somewhere along the way you failed to mention this expectation to your partner. Another example would be doing something for someone with the expectation that the favor will be returned, when and in the way you want.... Bad for business. What covert contracts do you have out there pending? Consider notifying the "responsible party."

If you haven't listened to 3 Things To Stop Expecting From People, listen now by clicking here. And then be sure to share with that person you know who is battling not being supported by the people around them. Thank you for stopping. Talk to you soon!

Mimi the Motivator

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