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Can a Person Be Inspiring & Depressed or Homeless & Sexy?

You may have noticed I didn't post a blog last week, unless you haven't subscribed yet. (which I highly recommend doing after you read this post) Last week I published an episode of Get High On Motivation about How to Escape Depression & the Winter Blues... because I was struggling myself. A true tell sign that you are battling depression is not wanting to do the things you normally enjoy or do anyways. Another symptom is sleeping excessively. Do you know someone who is sleeping way more than their usual? People feel hopeless and helpless when they are battling depression. But where does it come from?

Depression can be caused by B-vitamin deficiencies and mental thought patterns and more. So last week I talked about how to save yourself from that, or someone you love. This week I talk about a different low place created and changed by the mind. Homelessness.

It would surprise many people that I have been homeless more than once throughout my life. My first cognitive experience I was teen, next I was a grad student in my 20s, then most recently in my 30s. I guarantee it I will have home every decade to come. Now I know what I know and am committed to unlearning old programming. I share this because it can happen to anyone. It can happen to you. I have someone very near and dear to my heart in this very situation. Homelessness can look like grimey man on the side of the road and it can look like foxy lady on stage, looking like a bag of money. It can look like going to work everyday and bringing dinner home to your family in a hotel.

Unfortunately Lovebugs there may not be signs and symptoms of homelessness. And sometimes there is no warning. Listen to this weeks episode You Can Be Happy or Homeless in an Instant. Todays’s guest, investor, entrepreneur and podcast host, Evan Lipford is a budding philosopher who can relate. Listen to what the experience looked like for us, what put us there and the options we believe will get anyone out of similar situations.

I read an article that listed 53 celebrities who were homeless before they became famous. That's comforting. Maybe I am on the right track. lol It definitely reminds me that it's not where yo have been or what you have been is where you are going and who you are becoming along the way. I love you Lovebugs. Keep working on being one percent better and sharing that good juju gravy everywhere you go.

Be happy. Be healthy. Be You!

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