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Building Courage From Confidence

That was supposed to be my title for this week's show, but sounded boring and mundane. I have no desire to turn you off with official title's and the message is missed. However, zip lining over canyons made the idea of building my courage up by building my confidence, ring even more true. This experience is way more than what I bargained for.

First of all, it was five lines to risk my life and sanity on. On the first go, I found myself landing on the other side eyes closed to the impending doom, was released from the line feeling like "if anyone says anything to me, I am going to highly misrepresent myself with the foul language swirling in my head." The only person I was willing to talk to was the only person who may have been harboring more fear than I, a neurotic mom (Thank God I wasn't alone!) with two enthusiastic little girls. Each line we were building our confidence in our ability, in the equipment and most importantly ourselves. The most intriguing person was Charlotte, who needed no confidence booster at all.

Charlotte was an uncomfortable, well warranted reflection of myself. We both a have a knack of using words to influence others, in a seemingly negative way. I have always believed that every super-being has the choice of using their power for good or abusing it, creating the super-villain effect. Learn more about me and Charlotte's transforming experience in this week's episode "Can You Imagine Me On A Zip Line?" and what I would have done to Charlotte, if I had a belt on. LOL!

What are you afraid of? What do you need more courage to do? And how can you build your confidence in yourself, in what you are seeking to do, be and have? Now go do it Lovebugs! Success awaits us all!

Thank you for stopping by.....See ya next week. Be happy. Be healthy. Be You!

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