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Book Of The White Black Girl

Just in case you haven't heard....the Get High On Motivation podcast is on air! You can tune in anytime, anywhere with your mobile device or desktop computer. Where? I'm glad you asked...

What am I talking about? Well, it is not always just little ole Mimi. There are interviews with various business owners and professionals....and there is the one with my 7-year old niece. Every show begins with some Food for Thought followed by the interview or conversation for the week. My favorite part comes at the conclusion of the show, where we transform someone's "mess" into a message. Sometimes the mess is mine, for I am not without blemish. My life gets messy like everyone else's; my life is not exempt from challenge. Matter of factly speaking, being born on the day of Seasoned Experience, my life is the sum of a myriad of experiences. You wouldn't believe what has happened to me, who has happened to me, who I have happened to and what I have no clue about...

I had the distinct pleasure and honor of being a Human Book in the Human Library in Colorado Springs recently. It provided the opportunity for people to get to know what is written upon the pages of my life, to demystify the story my cover tells. The White Black Girl, I was entitled, sharing my story of growing up the fair complexioned "white-girl" in my Black family and community. My readers, strangers, a former book Afro-German and a sparingly-known fellow Toastmaster. The experience was revealing to both me and my readers. I discovered what fears were driving, while noticing the ignorance that steered others.

A read consists of dialogue between us, except for one curious member of law enforcement had me under the light, in what felt like a public interrogation room. I didn't realize how intense the conversation was until it was over and I was panting, grasping for any calm and peaceful vibration. I felt like a poision that must have been previously implanted, explode on my inner being. There was a dark crud attempting to override my default setting of happy vibrancy mode. I had been warned so many times about a possible encounter as such. Unfortunately, I was unaware when it was happening. You see... there's this thing called conditioning. It is apart of our programming that was downloaded in our subconscious mind. Growing up in the South, as a black person you know your place. You understand the ramifications of not being in compliance, whether it makes sense or not, whether it is legal or not, whether it is just, or not. It wasn't until he marched off, did I realize how high my anxiety was.

I wanted to bust into tears, but had no where to safely erupt. Mr. Black-and-Blue was lingering at the entrance, where the ladies' room lives as well. Really? Luckily, some great genius at Pike's Peak Library District thought it was a good idea to have puzzles available for us books. There is a GOD! I immediately retreated to the 500 pieces of cardboard awaiting configuration. I had half the border done within minutes, and then the Universe did me another solid.... A television interview! "Of course" I popped up like everythang was Gucci. lol It was the perfect distraction from my mini meltdown. "When's my next reader?" I was ready to rock and roll after that.

I did not know what to expect at the start of that day. Nor did I expect to be curled up in a ball in my closet of an office gasping for energy. Hell, I wasn't even planning on this blog entry being a Dear Diary of last weekend's experience. Either way the point is I am a real person, with real issues, offering real solutions. Every Wednesday, a new episode is published. For your listening pleasure for this month, I am discuss What to do When Your Best Isn't Good Enough. My name is Jamia Wells-Palmer... I am Mimi the Motivator.

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