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Are You Ready for 2020 To Be Over?

I cannot believe this year is almost over already. It felt like it just began. I felt like I was just planning and executing Get High On Motivation LIVE 2020 Vision... and now I am gearing up for Get High On Motivation 2021!

Part of me feels like a kid going to school for the first time... I'm not ready, I'm not ready! Then the other part of me feels confident, empowered and feeling like I ain't never scared! What I definitely know, it's now or never. The Universe has opened a door of opportunity with this whole plandemic thing. Now the question is are you going to walk through it. Are you going to open yourself to a brand new world of possibility. We all know when one door closes, another one opens. Thank God for closed doors.

Just think about it. If certain situations, relationships, maybe jobs didn't close the door on you, who and what you are today would not exist. AM I lying??? That's what I thought. Take a moment to step back, sit down and take inventory of what is possible for you from where you are. Consider what the new time on your hands provides. We are literally being forced to be innovative, something us business professional could have been doing the whole time.

The possibility of our reach has expanded to an all time wide. Versus hitting only a local market, you are not looking at the whole wide web for prospects. It's time to start thinking outside the box, outside your comfort zone, outside of how things have been done. I invite you to consider recreating your life and business. What adjustments or additions could you make to finagle the new normal?

While you are thinking about that, think about this. December 21, 2020 marks the Winter Solstice. (I imagine you thinking so what?) Winter Solstice is when the Sun is furthest away, it's the longest night, or day of darkness. Indigenous people around the world honor this as the rebirth or renewal of the Sun. Coincidentally it's when the Son of God was born in multiple religions. (Sorry Christians Jesus was not the first, and may not be the last. Do your homework on the other 12.) Anyways, I want to invite you to spend time with me. We are having the Ultimate Winter Solstice Day Celebration Monday, December 21st at 12:21pm Central Time (adjust for your timezone.) I'll drop a link below. It's free if your pockets are funny. If not a love offering is greatly appreciated. See you there!

I have done plenty of adjusting and adapting. Now The Phil-Rich Group Ltd. (that's me) is offering coaching, classes and courses to people around the world wide web. This probably would have been avoided for another couple of years if we weren't shut-in. You see what I am saying? We are at a very opportune time in our lives Lovebugs! Seize the moment. Stop waiting for a window to open and pour you out a blessing, when you can walk through the open door pour blessings for yourself and your people too. I know it's scary, but we can do this. We were wired for this. And any area where we may be lacking, the Universe, Source Energy, God, will come through.

If you are looking to build your confidence, I encourage you jump in my 8-week immersion course, Speak with Confidence: Use Your Voice To Get What You Want. Just in case you didn't know, mastering your fear of public speaking can increase your chance of promotion by 30% and your income by 10%. How would you like an extra 0 before the decimal point in your bank account? Okayyyyyyy! The course takes you through formal speech writing to rules for conversation. We even spend a session on the value and consequence of using certain verbiage when attempting to manifest our desires. Knowing how to properly articulate your thoughts makes you influential AF! You are not only heard but understood; people will do more than listen, they will take action. Are you ready to hone that type of superpower? The most influential and notorious leaders of the past and present used the power of their voice to move the masses. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Adolf Hitler, Beyonce, all are known for using their voice to get what they want.

My calendar is filling up like crazy and I wish the same for you. 2021... here we come!

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