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Are You Listening to Your Intuition or Instincts

Instinct and intuition share a feature; they are both a fore-knowing that comes to us based on something. What makes intuition and instinct different is that one comes from our lower chakras and the other from our upper chakras. One is more of our animalistic side, while the other is more of an internal, spiritual and energetic knowing that’s coming from a higher space.

Instinct is based on external stimuli and can also be based on past experiences. Instincts are based on our five senses. Intuition is more of an internal sensing based on that sixth sense. Instinct is a natural talent, natural inherent or subconsciously motivated behavior. Intuition is a quick and ready insight (internal knowing) that is based on no external stimuli.

Intuition is unwavering, a solid feeling that doesn’t go away. It sticks and stays and tends to moderate any type of fears we may have. On the other hand, instinct is what protects us from those fears and the feeling comes and goes.

Both instinct and intuition are important when navigating our world and interacting with those around us. In the business world, it is important to use both when interacting with clients, looking for a job, or interviewing people. Trust your intuition and instincts but recognize when it is fear based and faith based. Find some sort of balance with operating between them. Use your intuition to guide you and use your instincts to keep you on track.

Intuition comes when the mind is calm and at ease. To unlock a new level of intuition, you need to practice quieting your mind through meditation. When you quiet your mind, you hear the spirit more, you have a stronger intuition.

"Tap into your inner knowing so you can be ready for what is coming."

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