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Are You Blocking Out Your Success & Happiness?

On this week's episode of Get High On Motivation: Are You Creating The Day and Life You Want?, our food thought was simple, "The same wall that blocks out disappointment, blocks out happiness." Wow! How many of us are protecting ourselves, our ideas and business from failure? Is it even possible? Absolutely not. Fortunately for us Lovebugs, failures are building blocks and stepping stones to success; they are character builders. Obstacles strengthen your resolve. Your resolve is your ability to not give up when shit gets tough.

I have a friend who bails out at the very moment there is challenge. I can't say much.... I have invested quite a bit of energy into avoiding opportunities to fail. I like to win! Who doesn't? Don't you enjoy and desire to be winning. Well here is the bad news, you have to be willing to lose. Worst news, you have to be willing to put in more time training than your competition. But what if I don't have any competition. Yes you do. Your competition will forever be the old you. Everyday your objective is to be better than yesterday, better than yester-you my friend. Put yourself in position for what you desire.

I believe it is almost harvest time. Tend the field of your dreams and aspirations. Keep watering the ideas you have planted. Do not neglect to weed out the old thoughts, habits, and people that no longer serve you and your best self, your highest and greatest good. If not that which do not want can take over our lives. Establish boundaries, and maintain them. Release any limitations placed upon yourself or by others. Be limitless and have boundaries.

What are some ways you have blocked out your own happiness and success? Comment below... Thank you for stopping by.

Be happy. Be healthy. Be You!

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