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5 Truths About Lies.

  1. We lie by omission and commission: You can remove the truth or you can say an untruth on purpose. When you fail to tell the whole story but you tell just part of the story, you have lied by omission. On the other hand, when you purposely tell an untruth rather than the truth, you have lied by commission. Either way you flip the coin, it is a lie if you don't tell the truth and the whole truth.

  2. We lie by generalization: Saying "always" and "never" is lie. This is because nothing is "always" or "never" true. Always and never are generalizations. For example, you don't "always" show up for somebody when they need you and they don't "never" help you when you need their help. Never say never because you don't know what the future holds for you. You cannot "always" or "never" people because we really don't know how things will play out.

  3. Lies are gateways to other lies: One lie leads to another lie that leads to another lie. Once you tell a lie, you have to support that lie with another lie to cover it up. The truth doesn't alway feel good but, if it is a truth that is necessary, speak the truth! It is not your job to try to convince people one way or another. Instead, be honest. Be honest so you don't have to go through the gateways of lies because it will only lead to more lies.

  4. Everybody lies: We have all at some point told an untruth. Even now, you are holding back some truths and sometimes you chose to tell "pretty lies" so you don't hurt people's feelings or so you don't look bad to people. However, when you remember that everybody lies, even you, don't get mad when someone lies to you. Instead give them some grace and forgive, because you also lie sometimes.

  5. People lie to themselves: If you lie to yourself, how do you expect to be honest to other people. It is essential to remember that lying to yourself doesn't do you much good. The only time it is okay to lie to yourself is when you are programming your mind to think positive thoughts like "I love the gym" when you are struggling at the gym but have a goal to improve your fitness, or "I am a billionaire" when you are starting your business. If you cannot be honest with yourself, how would you be honest to others?


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