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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

I played this video game once and my friend did this move where he made the player drop to knees to plea "whyyyyyyyyyy?" I've reenacted this shit a thousand times. Like recently, when was when my significant other decided to drop that he was dropping the highest paying gig on the roster. WTF? I felt like this should've been a group decision or at least one that was run by me before it was enacted. A couple of months later and I am still feeling the same. I keep telling myself, it's his life. He can do what he wants. Hell thats his motto. Except he is not living the life that he wants, at least not the one he described to me. No, I don't expect him to make it all happen at once. However, I do expect to see some evidence to support his claims. He doesn't even have to have any fruit, but I do expect to see him tending the garden of his desires.

Now what do I believe? It was an opportunity for me to thoroughly examine me, my goals, my actions, my case. What did my mode of operation say about me? Would I be convicted by a jury of my peers for being Mimi the Motivator? Hmmmmmnnn.... Was I really upset because he was reflecting my lackluster work habits and lack of zeal? Could this be a demonstration of what I am manifesting? Oh wow, I had to get my sh*t together.

I immediately started recalibrating my focus. I allowed every uncomfortable encounter with him to be a self-check gauge for me. I knew it was time to vibrate higher, so either he would begin to vibrate higher as well, or he would vibrate on away from me. Either way, the focus was on me. I had enough stuff on the table to occupy me for the next ten years. It makes me think of a line in my god-daughters song Keep Grinding. "F*ck a n**a, get your bread up." (pardon the venacular)

Who in your life is driving you crazy, getting on your nerves? What about them is really bothering you? That my friend is what needs some introspection. Dig deep within yourself to see why you have gravitated this experience. What is your focus? The inner or the outer elements, people, places and situations?

I believe that is enough for you to think about. Until we meet again...

Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be You!

#Motivation #relationships #focus #metaphysics

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