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Trust The Process

I don't know how GPS tracking works and at this point Im too afraid to ask.

Seems like people have more trust in Siri than they do themselves or their God. I say that because we simply tell Siri what it is we want or where we desire to go, with the expectation that we will be guided directly to it, with the fastest amount of time possible. Just in case we got stipulations, she has alternative routes available. We don't question Siri. We don't keep asking Siri for the same thing again. We don't get mad at Siri for not delivering us to our destination faster. We just follow the route. We trust that we in the shortest amount available we be where we expressed desired to be. That my friends is the level of FAITH is required of you right now.

We make these requests to God of the Universe and firstly act like "no" is an answer. God always says yes. What we may need to be more mindful of our requests. Understand your requests are not always in the form of a prayer, but more so in the form of thought. Think about something you desire, repeat after me, "this or something better is coming to me now." And then stay alert to the notifications that let you know what the next move is. You will get there faster more likely if you follow the inner-Siri. If you go a different route, do not fret, you will be rerouted. Just please, by all means, trust and follow the indicators and signs given you.

I gotta go, but I love you all. My website has been under construction... yes I accept feedback. So the new blogs may be slow coming, in order that they may be consistently consistent, no promises though... In the meantime and in between time, I love you, especially you... I have a feeling you could use some extra loving. We all do...

Be happy. Be healthy. Be You!

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