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Need A Breakthrough Before You Break Down?

​​Feeling like your about to have a meltdown? Hell, sometimes me too! Imagine the scenario…I just received news that rent is being raised and/or I gotta move by the end of the month. And I have less than $25 in my bank account. I say to myself Shift Happens and I gotta find the toothpaste, my ride is en route. My business partner pulls up with a nail in the tire. It’s not even noon, in which we have an important meeting scheduled. As a matter of fact it was 11:06! Great, like we can get to a tire shop, and out, with time to spare to arrive on time to the meeting. I believe that early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable. Ok, I called to postpone the meeting no problem, off to the tire shop.

Well the tire wasn’t pluggable, but we were blessed for the tire man giving us a deal. We agree that this is just the Universe trying us and are ready to get this show on the road. We run out of gas before we can pull off. Really? Luckily, it was because it was because we were parked sideways on an incline. So the sweet young tire man pushes us onto level ground; the car starts. There is a God! What I had to remind the both us of, is that the Universe is only conditioning us, testing our resolve. And anytime shit gets real crazy, something amazing happens. That’s exactly what I was expecting to happen next.

Oh something amazing happen alright. We pull up in the parking lot of the building where the meeting is and coffee spills in my seat, on the ass, down the thigh, of my white seersuckers. Come on Universe! I am expecting a day to wow me, but not like this. I was thinking something more positive, sheesh.

I had been reading the Scroll Marked III, from the Greatest Salesman In The World by Og

Mandino. Life transforming book! Mandino tells about how in the Orient young bulls are tested by putting them in the ring with a picador, who is ready to poke them with a lance. He instructs readers to be lions, not sheep waiting to be prodded by the shepherd. Well, I was feeling poked, prodded and put to the test! I had to channel the inner bull spirit and prepare to be charge again despite the sting of life's blade. I am a lion. I will not walk, talk or sleep with sheep. I will persist. I will win!

Just at the moment when you are ready to call it quits, can be the moment that brings your breakthrough so don’t give up. Do not get weary in well doing. Always remember that every obstacle comes with the opportunity to become greater, wiser, stronger and more than what you were prior to the lesson. Smile in the face of adversity knowing it is Source Energy’s way of molding you into what you have expressed desire to be and to have. We are not alone in our battle against adversity. Everyone is fighting some battle. Take courage my friends. This is all for your greatest good.

And if you're wondering what did I do about my iced coffee butt, I tied a sweater around my waist, put on my bright red lipstick and said I AM a champion. I AM a winner. I AM successful at whatever I attempt. I AM abundant. I AM FEARLESS. I AM landing this deal with ease. I am trusting the Laws of the Universe to serve me my greatest good. I AM deserving of what I desire. I AM love. I AM all powerful. I am all that and a bag of chips! I am intelligent. I am charismatic. I am a game-changer. I am the best entertainment marketing specialist. I AM perfectly created. I AM capable. I am prosperous. I AM a money magnet. I AM THAT I AM!

And so it is. I love you all. I believe in you, believe in yourself. Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be You! I Believe That We Will Win!

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