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Spring Clean Your Mind, Body & Soul

According to Wikipedia, the origin of spring cleaning is attributed to the Persians. They prepare for the New Year, which falls on the first day of spring. Iranians call it "khooneh tekouni" which translates into "shaking the house." The Jewish also honor such in the readying for Passover. Why? To prepare for what's to come. Maybe to start fresh. Either way there several benefits to cleaning, including mental and emotional benefits. What if you not only spring cleaned your house, but also your life?

This week I am taking part in a Spring Cleanse or "Reset" as it was presented to me by @queenbri_thegoddess on Instagram. This cleanse will include fasting and mindfulness. I tend to fast when I am moving into a new season of my life or when I desire transformation, which is now. At the culmination of this fast will be a 72-hour water fast. Yes, I will be drinking nothing but water.

A water 24-72 hour water fast is good for the mind, body and Spirit. Trifectaaaaa! I seen a

meme that said control your hunger and you can control your reality. A 3-day water fast will reset your immune system activating stem cells, whatever those are. I'll include a link to some resources to get more information. Spiritually, this water fast is making a faith move. You will have more time to spend with your self, connect to your higher Self, and will probably find your self calling out to God a little more than usual. In the meantime, let's talk about the details of this Spring Cleanse plan.

Let's make this is a week's commitment. For the first two days limit your eating to 8 hours a day, drinking nothing but water the other 16 hours. Don't pig the fuck out in those windows of solids. Eat fruit, vegetables, soups and anything else that you may eat to cleanse. Day 3, 4 & 5 is all water. At the conclusion of the 72 hour period, start introducing easily digested foods like smoothies. Here is an opportunity to start a new diet, meaning selective eating, don't get scerrd. Do this for the next two days before you dive into big plate or smorgasbord.

During this time, spend time with yourself. Treat yourself, pamper yourself, get it tune with yourself. Instead investing an hour to cooking and eating, I will spend time in meditation. Other activities will include a ritual goddess bath, spending time in nature and mindful activities. I will be journaling my experience, how I feel physically and mentally. Hey, I AM serious about my evolution. In order to be the person I see myself as will require mounds of discipline and focus. This fast is more than a physical health challenge, it will be clearing mental space while boosting my energy for what is to come. I believe you have to be prepared for what you desire. Read Wanna Know How To Get Lucky.

Okay... I have talked or typed enough for today. If you try the cleanse, send me a message to let me know. If there is something you would like for me to talk about, I am open to suggestions and requests. I thank you. I love you. I believe in you.

Talk to you next week Lovebugs!

Be happy. Be healthy. Be you!

P.S. I am not a physician, consult your doctor before blah blah blah...

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