Is It "Them" or YOU?

My friend calls me while I was typing the last blog. I tell her what I was busy doing, but she preceded to tell me about people are pissing her off giving her permission when she is asking for information. She gave me two examples, very similar. The highlight was her telling me one of the people wishing her a better day because "she apparently smelled the attitude I was giving her." Wow. So let me get this straight, you are pissed off because someone did not respond to you in a way that satisfied you, you give her shit, she blesses you with and you are pissed off? Oooookay.....

Of course I did not hang up without turning her mess into a message. Whether that message was supposed to be for me or for her, I do not know, but it spoke volumes to me. How we perceive a situation, a person or a communication is all on us. No one else can be responsible for my perception, the position I choose to view an experience from, except me. I gave her my handy-dandy-need-to-be-used-more tool of asking yourself this simple question when conversing (not conversating my people) of Do I want to be happy or right? The answer to that question should guide the words coming out of your mouth, or rather the thoughts approaching your tongue.

Secondly, if we can accept that every experience comes to serve us, not the person we are encountering... we will recognize the drama as a character building exercise. The Bible says "count it all joy" as Buddhist are directed to "give thanks in all circumstances." Irritating stuff happens to get our attention, so let us pay attention to the value in the experience for ME, while being less of a victim. We become victors in that moment. We become better, wiser, stronger, and ready for the next. Are you ready???

I love you all. And I hope you learning with me as I sashay through this thing called life. ALWAYS be happy, be healthy, be you! Your best Self is awaiting you....

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