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How To Create a Vision Board

A people without vision shall perish lets's me know we must have a vision for our lives, family and organizations. Vision is what gives us purpose, direction and excitement. What does your vision of your life look like? Not what does life look like right now, but if you could wave a magic wand, what would it look like?

Once you have an idea of what your Utopia looks like you can start programming your subconscious mind. In case you didn't know, the subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between real versus imagined. You can literally program it whatever believe whatever you desire. The second thing you should know is that the subconsciousness mind's language consist of images and emotions. With that being said let's start building a vision board we can get excited about.

Grab some old magazines and start searching for images that stand out to you. I get mine from the used bookstore at the library and the grocery store entrance. I use home and apartment guides to design my dream home from the inside out. Family, relationships, and business are very important to me, so I generally include something to symbolize such. What are the important elements the canvas of your future include?

Once you've cut out more than enough stuff, start arranging them on your board. Find some big, bold, blood-pumping words to put at the top. From my ad layout days, I remember people read from top left to bottom right, making those to points on your board most important. You can section your canvas according to category or what makes most sense to you. The next step may get a little sticky. Glue stick is my preference, but I have used scotch tape in its absence. (it required a little more finesse than what I prefer) Tacks are an option as well, and the only option if you use a cork board. Ladies and gentlemen, congratulations you have just engineered a program for greatness.

Let me say this before we go any further, vision or dream boards are not just for girls. Fellas, do not be scared to put your ideas on the board. GQ magazine is an excellent source for all things man. This is a great bonding opportunity for couples, families and teams; make a group board with crew! One of my favorite scriptures for partners and organizations is "How can two walk together, unless they agree?" Take this assignment to make sure everyone on the team is in alignment with the goals and objectives.

Now we have our dream boards together it's time to pick the best location. Somewhere you will see often is optimal; I have one on the ceiling at home in Colorado. Since I travel often, I have a vision binder as well ,of pages out of magazines and written affirmations, goals and desires. Take a look at it before starting your day and again at the conclusion. Our subconscious minds are most impressionable when we are not alert, meaning our mental ground is more fertile upon rising and before we doze off. Use that window of opportunity to program your mind for greatness!

If you have any questions, feel free to log into my website as a member and shoot me your questions. In the meantime and in between time, be happy, be healthy, be You Lovebug!

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