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Let That Ship Go!

I really wanted to say Let that shit go... Whether I say shit, shift or ship they all include the relationship, job, fear, grudge, the list can go on; you fill in the blank. It is that situation that is not or no longer serving you and your highest good. What it is it for you?

Is it a relationship that is toxic and draining? A love that is not growing is dying. Relationships are very much like plants. They require nourishment, watering and a maintained environment. Some require weeding. You have to pay them attention so you know when they are getting sick or have webs. If you don't that can and will be infested or diseased, and in order to protect the health of the other plants (relationships) the unhealthy one must be let go. One toxic relationship can strain the other relationships in your life, including work.

The reverse can be the case as well, a toxic work life can spill into your personal relationships. Do you hate your job? Mydad doesn't quite favor his job, but he is set on just making it to retirement. Before that it was the seven year plan to leaving, that was about ten years ago. Adversly, my mother before passing loved her work in the community of Bemidji, Minnesota. And what was greater was to see the outpour of attendees who were products or participants, who loved her back. That experience was inspiring. If your work is not giving to you (besides a paycheck) and is taking away from who you are and meant to be...let that shit go!

Most of my clients respond "But I got bills to pay!" I understand, but what is more important, your health and vitality or paying creditors? Having a relationship with your children or driving a nice car? Waking up excited about your day or dreading to get out of bed? Do what you love, the money will follow. We can operate in Faith or fear, you make the choice.

Now for few other shits to let go... Grudges, fears, bad habits, outdated paradigms. These energy suckers are holding us back from our fullest potential and greatest joy. I have spent the last ten years on a journey of unlearning and releasing attachment. I found myself holding onto certain fears. You know you are holding on when you keep claiming it both in thought and aloud. Shut that mess up and tell a new story!

The moral of the story is to not to be attached to people, places or things... Do NOT be afraid to let that shit go! Be happy. Be healthy. Be You!

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