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Wanna Know How To Get Lucky?

Do you know one of those people who is always getting lucky? Or are you the lucky charm? What is the secret? How are some of us luckier than others? With the onset of St. Patrick's Day, what better time to talk about luck? Wikipedia defines luck as the experience of notably positive, negative, or improbable events. In the past my luck was more like that of the guy off the Lucky Charms box; while I was expecting a pot of gold, I got a box of cereal... Until I learned the magic formula for luck.

As a mathematician, I am all about formulas. (I still can recite the formula for quadratic equations like it's nothing! #nerdlife) I learned this simple solution when I was young, and later manipulated the equation to create the formula for success. Ok, actually it is the same elements for both. You know how you can use vinegar and water for a gazillion things? Yeah, it's one of those kinds of formulas.

Are you ready for the moment of truth? I know you're like tell me already... Well I have to build some suspense, plus the blog needs some filler content. lol So here we go. The formula is simple. LUCK is when OPPORTUNITY meets PREPARATION. Yep, it is that simple. I tell my clients all the time you can't get ready when the object of desire shows up. You have to be ready, for it to show up. Google says luck is success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions. So, get ready to be ready Lovebugs! Get in position to receive your desires! Act like what you have asked God for is already on it's way! LET'S.... GET..... LUCKY!!!

I dedicate this blog to my little brother who's birthday is March 17th, my Grammy's Black Leprechaun. Send some love in the atmosphere for him. Have a safe St Patty's Day weekend and Mimi the Motivator loves ya!

Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be YOU!

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