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STOP Telling The Same Damn Story!

How do you tell your story? You know the story about your past. The story of what is going on now. Or the most common story of what has not even happened yet. Okay, next question... Are you the victim or is victory yours? Let's take a look at how we have been telling our stories and how we can tell a new story.

I can hear it now. "I'm not the victim, but..." First lesson today, when you use the word "but" you have just drawn a line through everything stated prior to it. And what usually follows the but is the responsibility being handed off to the closest person or entity to the experience, outside of ourselves, of course. We always have some role that we played in our story. Were you poor little victim with an antagonist or do you star in the leading role conquering and taking names? Before you tell your boyfriend that his alcoholic roommate drank the bottle wine you bought him as gift, make sure you have properly identified everyone's role and responsibility. Then proceed to give your testimony of how you won or will win.

Lesson number two: There is no testimony without a test. Furthermore, I believe the best students get the hardest tests. By the way there will be a test later... The better question is why? Telling a new story will create a new experience. So how do we tell a new story? Abraham Hicks teaches that you have to start telling the story the way you want it go. Back in the day it was called the fake-it-till-you-make-it method. What this strategy entails is acting as if that which you desire, already exists.

Third lesson, ladies and gentlemen, I borrowed from sage Iyanla Vanzant, on how to punctuate your story. Put periods "." on things you no longer want to experience. Use commas "," on places you are still growing and be open to new experiences. Exclamations points "!" are for lessons learned. And don't forget to highlight the victories. Then follow these rules:

  1. Tell the truth about who you are, what you desire, what you are willing to do and what you are not willing to do. That is the real story and an honest way to creating a desired life.

  2. Stop telling the old story or "like it is."Energy grows where energy goes. Why keep reliving an unpleasant experience?

  3. State the facts, tell the truth. The facts are I battle social anxiety, but the truth is I AM comfortable talking to groups and large audience.

  4. Get a vision! Read Your Vision Needs Focus

  5. Tell a new story. I think we've covered that.

Here's the test...What if you had two plants? One blooms everything you want and desire, while the other is hurtful and unwanted experiences. All you get is 24 ounces of water each day; which plant do you water?

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