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#1 Worst Filter!

In Social Media world it's all about the filters. The most noticeable and favorable is probably the cutsey-wootsy Snapchat filters; you know the dog ears or sparkles around the head. The interesting part to me is how everyone automatically appears sweet with dreamy eyes. I'm not saying all people do not have their individual beauty, but for real, for real, EVERYONE is looking commercial ready with their altered features. What if we could put different filters on the way we looked at life? Make everything in life cutesy-wootsy? What would we label these filters? I know what filter I DEFINITELY would not use...the past!

If you keep looking at people and situations through the filter of the past, it will continue to look the same. And you won't be altering anything except your mind against you. I suggest using the filter I called "The Sequel" and write how you want it to play out! Start telling the story that works best for you! Let's CREATE a present moment that will not need a filter... 2018 is ours for the making!

#empowerment #successtips #filters #Motivation #lawofattraction

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