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Homecoming In The Music City

How are those New Year resolutions going Lovebugs? So-so? I personally chose to set my new intentions for the new year on the first New Moon. I will immerse myself into my new moon ritual of a Goddess bath, burning some sage and spending time in silence. In that silence I feel, not think, about what it is I would like to focus on manifesting for the month. Next, I get clear about these goals and write them down in my journal. The 3% of the population that writes down their goals, earn up to ten times the rest of slackers. WOW!

On January 27, 2018 I will be teaching the fundamentals of how to create the good life, helath, welath, love and happiness. It will be LIVE in my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. I am stoked! I will be condensing a series of workshops into a four bootcamp for individuals desiring change. The best part is the proceeds go to a nonprofit, The Yes Ma'am No Ma'am Institute, "The place where manners matter." This is the perfect opportunity to get what you want into action. Get your tickets today.... Oh yeah, we will be streaming!

Click here to get registered, LIVE seating is limited!

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