4 Steps to Create a Happy New Year

Are your 2018 resolutions leftover to-do's from last year....and probably the year after that??? If they are, it is okay. That just means subconsciously you desire these changes, improvements and upgrades. Now we just gotta get those things percolating in the forefront. Throw away last years resolutions and today I will give you four things to consider when forecasting the year to come.

Decide to be happy.

Happiness is choice and it is yours for the choosing. Not only that, but it is your responsibility. You simply cannot allow the key to your happiness to ride around in someone else's pocket. And when you decide to be happy, more experiences will come into your life to add to the happiness. Could you stand to have some more happy in your day? Be honest.

Be honest with yourself.

I am sure some of us could do a better job of being honest with people, however just for today, be honest with yourself. Not to mention it helps with being honest with yourself; how you can you tell someone else the truth, if you can't be honest with you? Be one-hundred with what you desire to be, do and have. Spend some time alone (or at least in silence) to figure it all out, have your journal and pen on deck.

Write it down!

Yes, you have to write these thoughts, ideas and desired emotions down. " Writing down goals increases the chance of them being accomplished. Did you know that the small percentage of people (something like 3%) that write down what they aim to do earn 10 times as much as the rest of who are too busy, tired or occupied by social media. While you are penning your future, go ahead and list a 3-step plan to execute.

Focus on activity not results.

Having a 3-step action plan will guarantee progress, if enacted upon. Where I agree with goals having deadlines, I believe making consistent progress is more important. Losing 20 pounds by Spring sounds great, but let's look at committing to walking 10 minutes a day, cutting down sugar and eating more fruits and veggies instead. Anybody who has spent any amount of time with me has heard my spiel on "baby-steps" to success. No leaps and bounds needed.

Now go to your room and don't come out until you have decided to be happy, to be honest with yourself about what you desire, write it down and start making some traction. This year is all about being the happiest, healthiest, and why not wealthiest version of yourself!

I love you all and I believe 2018 is going to better than good to us. Let's get in the receiving mode adn let it flow!

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