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I sometimes have days where I think Who's going to motivate me? Who's supposed to motivate the motivator? I found the answer in an interview with Robert Danzig, where he asked the same question. The answer he received, "You do, or you'll never be a leader."

I remember a gospel song that said to encourage yourself. Those words brought me through many hard, lonely times in life. I grew up in an environment where I learned to be independent, fast. I'm grateful for the trying experiences that yielded a survivor. Constantly I am reminding myself that I've gotten through 100% of my days, even though it may feel more like 98%. I am here now, obvious evidence I made it through.

You will survive whatever situation you are facing. The Bible says to "count it all joy"

because Universe is methodically providing the lessons and exercises needed to manifest your deepest desires and dreams. You got this! You are capable. You are enough. You were built for this.

Now get yourself together! Put on your big boy pants and big girl shoes. Go spend a minute in the mirror telling you how awesome you are. Tell yourself what you expect and that you deserve it. You deserve whatever your heart desires. What you desire, desires you.

Now, watch this video, because its funny and will make you smile. It's the motivation behind the title of this blog... And I have quoted this commercial since it came out in the 2000's.

In the meantime and in between time, be happy, be healthy, be you! I love you!

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