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Make Space For What You Desire

Are you one of those people who has a hard time letting stuff go? If I went to your house will there be old, unused, or used up stuff laying around? This stuff can be lotions, torn sneakers or could be outdated ideas and habits. Today I would like to challenge to examine your mental, emotional and physical space.

Take inventory of what is working and not, what is useful or not, what you want or not. Identify some physical things, as well as thought patterns that you can do with out. I further want to challenge you to let go of the old idea of yourself and create a new paradigm that may be more fitting for your dreams. You know what I'm talking about...

Since I do not have a lot of time today, I will leave you with an old vlog from my YouTube. (If you haven't subscribed, do it now. Greatness is in progress, do not miss out!) The video was stemmed by so many people asking me about a car I once drove and a lifestyle that I was known for. The message is simple, "Out with old, in with the new."

Wait.... You are not off that hook that easy. There is homework involved. Go home tonight and choose something to throw away that allows space for what you truly desire. Can you handle that? Of course you can. I believe in you. I believe that we will win!

Be Happy. Be Heaalthy. Be You!

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