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Have You Heard About The Chinese Bamboo Tree?

An entrepreneur has to be willing to cultivate a dream without any evidence of success. We have to be committed to the desired result. Those "supportive people" around you will attempt to convince you that you are watering a fruitless endeavor. And there will be days or moments, maybe even months and years, that you succumb to their fears and desolation. So many have failed in their attempts to realise a dream that they are convinced you will do the same. Unfortunately my friends, they are right, BUT (I love the power of "but") what they may not know is that failure is essential in success. What most surely are not aware of, nor prepared to take on, is that success requires commitment, discipline and enthusiasm.

They say most over night successes take five years... like a bamboo tree. If you have never heard the lessons to be learned from Chinese bamboo, I am excited to give you this quick, inspiring anecdote. The sprout of a bamboo a tree is planted in fertile ground, nourished, watered, cared for five years before there is any sight of growth. For four whooooole years all that work with nothing to show for it. However, in that fifth year, Bamboo sprout can shoot up ninety (90) feet tall growing at an amazing rate of four feet per 24-hour period! How's that for an overnight success?!

If you are an entrepreneur, you know the struggle. Employee minded worker bees need immediate gratification and/or compensation. It's not their fault, we have been conditioned in an on-demand paradigm. To be a business owner, self-employed, warrior takes lots of behind the scenes work. There are countless hours of reading books, blogs, and emails; networking functions; workshops and seminars; and we won't mention some of the shameless acts ensued to keep the lights on.

What the world see is the fruit, the end, the culmination of blood, sweat, tears, and unshakable faith. Well maybe not unshakable faith, mine waivers from time to time, but nonetheless the commitment to destiny is always lurking. Growing bamboo requires the faith defined in the Letter to the Hebrews as "substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen." Do you have this kind of faith love bug? Yes! You do, and if not, start today cultivating your mindset.

Repeat these three sentences to yourself:




Now go and be like bamboo farmer Grasshopper!

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