I Ain't Scared Of The Fall

Being in Colorado, I am  blessed to see the beautiful transformation between Summer and Winter Solstice, Autumn. Growing up in Nashville, I looked forward to seeing this and thoroughly missed when I spend my Autumn in Florida, where we don't have a Fall. 

Life without a fall.... sounds funny huh? Talk to any serious rider (bicycles, horses, motorcycles) and they will tell you how big of a joke that is. Have you ever heard of a baby learning to walk without falling? Nonsense right? So how do you think you can grow through life without falling?

Albert Einstein believed that "failure is success in progress." I say that progress is a process, and that process includes effin up a few-thousand-million times. If you don't believe me, ask Thomas Edison, the dude credited with inventing the lightbulb. It took 10,000 failures to give us light! And you still worried about messing up one time. What if I fall? But what if you fly my dear?

Lovebugs success begins with one step. What is the first of that you're going to make???

I believe in you! I believe that we will win! Be happy. Be healthy. And your success depends on you being You!

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