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Change Is Goin' Come...

Sometimes we have to step back from the drawing board to make sure we are creating that which we desire.... OR we just fall off track, do a little back-sliding, or declare a break. In my time away I have grown tremendously as person and business owner. The opportunities that were presenting themselves to me were the very kind I said I was looking for. But guess what I did? I ran and hid under a pile of excuses, good reasons and fuckery. What can I say? I am a spirit having a human experience. However, lately I have been feeling like I am having a caterpillar-cocoon experience awaiting to bust out my wings and take flight.

God changes caterpillars into butterflies,

Have you been feeling that way too? Like your current reality (or should I say illusion of reality) doesn't really represent what's going on with you. Do any you feel like you know something major is about to pop off? Almost like you don't know what, but you do because you know what you have been hoping and praying for. You know what you have been believing and trusting the laws of the Universe for. It can feel confusing and comforting at the same time. Lovebugs let me share this: Your breakdown and breakthrough points are very close in proximity.

It can be likened to the difference between sleep and meditation. Are you going to slip into slumber, or are you going to remain conscious gaining higher awareness? Are you going to buckle under pressure or are you going align with the fact that pressure forms diamonds and pearls. Or are you going to remember that fire burns the dross off, purifying the silver? Are you glitter that can be shaken off? Or have you recognized that you are gold??? One of my nicknames is Golden Lady. As I type this blog, it has more meaning and value than ever. I AM golden...

I have withstood the fire.

I AM on fire!

I AM solid.

I AM gold.

Everything I touch turns to gold!

I AM the person I desire to become.

I AM capable.

I AM worthy!

I AM confident.

I AM certain.

I AM enough!

I AM deserving of what I desire.

I AM possible.

I AM a champion!

I AM open to change.

I AM transformed.

I AM brand new!

I AM possible.

I AM fulfilling my destiny.

I AM taking flight!

I AM that I AM! Now let's go create the day and life we desire and deserve. I love you! I believe in you. No matter what someone thinks or says, no matter where we are, have been and done... I believe that we will win!

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